How it began

Cantoalavida Foundation was born from the idea of Gloria Ramírez Cortés. She and her family, with love, passion and perseverance have worked for almost ten years for this altruistic project.

Starting from the beginning: After thirty years in Europe, Gloria decided to return to Colombia, where she was very well accepted by the community and began to build. Her first guests were children, who found in Gloria’s house a place to paint, cook, dance, sing and even do homework.

Little by little, sick and abandoned dogs and cats began to arrive, finding in this house a refuge                                                                    where they had a second chance to live a better and happy life. Cantoalavida did not stop there! Even old people found a home, sick people found help and recovery.

Living in that reality Gloria realized that it was necessary to have more space, so with the support of family and friends she bought a piece of land on the outskirts of Campoalegre, in the middle of nature.

At this moment the situation of the animals is very worrying. There are not many resources and that is why the sanctuary is dedicated mostly to animals.

Our door is always open but our capacity is limited. We have over 120 cats and over 80 dogs.                                                          Unfortunately, animals are often left in front of our gate, sometimes even thrown away through it (risking the animal’s health, they may get injured during this process). Moreover, they’re often street animals, which means that they arrive in poorly conditions, whether they are babies or not.

Cantoalavida’s foundation takes in the animals, feeds them, cures them and, if necessary, has them treated and neutered by a veterinarian. The aim is to place the animals in good hands after their recovery and vaccination. It gives them love and try to make them trust humanity again.

Currently due to the urgent situation of the animals, our resources are limited and our sanctuary focus its attention to the animals.

However, children of all the village, Campoalegre, have been able to have some English, or math’s lessons. As well as those lessons, we also organize other events, in which we sensitize them to some sustainability topics such as “Plant your tree” and  “Reuse”.

In these conditions children learn and develop their creativity, with respect and love in symbiosis with nature and animals.

Our big fundraising                                                     campaign for children takes place at Christmas. We prepare many presents for the children of “El Esmero” a region on the mountains.

These children practically never come downtown and do not own much, so we collect/buy school uniforms, school material, sportswear and shoes for them. We finish the event by throwing a big Christmas party. The story just began.