Transparency is important to us

Transparency is an important prerequisite for a sustainable trust. When you donate, we would like you to know that your money is used purposefully and thus can really help.

If you want to find out more, here are the answers:

Supporting Children

Which children are supported?
We cannot name a fixed number because it changes from day to day. On average, we support about 15 children a month. We support children who are between 2 and 14 years of age and also their families. The children are with us during the day and return home to their families in the late afternoon / evening. Our help includes, of course, eating and drinking, common activities, homework and trips into nature. Parents also visit us when we offer events on the environment, recycling or nutrition.

How many supervisors do the children have?
There are always 2 to 3 helpers on site.

Do the children get also medical care?
We also take care of any necessary medical care. So far, this has not yet happened. Of course, we treat small injuries on the site.

Animal Welfare

Which and how many animals are in the Foundation Cantoalavida?
We basically only receive dogs and cats. At the moment, we look after about 50 dogs and about 90 cats. Some of them are only a few days old, others are in their best years or very old. They arrive, are donated or placed on the doorstep of the Foundation Cantoalavida, their new home. The animals stay with us up to their last days or, if they are lucky, they are adopted.

How do you take care of the animals?
The animals are provided with proper care. They receive the food that they need and have dry and well-maintained separate accommodation and retreats, according to the current animal welfare regulations. Of course, they are also given medical attention and receive plenty of attention to build up new trust between the animal and human beings.

Can I adopt an animal and fly it to Europe?
It makes sense to visit the site and to establish a relationship with the animal. In principle, it is possible to adopt an animal and fly it to Europe, however it is very expensive and cost intensive. Nevertheless, we are happy to help and to provide you with you the best solution.


How can I provide support?
You can either sponsor a specific animal or make a donation for a special project that will benefit all of the children and animals.

Whom do you support through your donation?
With your donation, you can support the children who are destitute, as well as the dogs and cats that are in need, or a project of the Foundation Cantoalavida you have chosen.

What happens to your donation?
100 % of your donation is used for destitute children and animals in need. You can always find information about the progress of the project online or contacting us.

How can you donate?
There are two options: You can transfer directly to the Colombian donation account, please note that some high fees are incurred. Therefore, please clarify this with your bank beforehand. The second possibility is that you can transfer to the German donation account. Here all donations are collected monthly and then transferred to the Colombian account by collective transfer. The fees charged for this are paid by the Association Cantoalavida (e.V.).If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us, we will help you.

Can I also give a donation as a present?
Of course, it is possible to give a donation as a gift. You will receive a confirmation and a nice gift card for printing.
Are donations tax deductible?
All donations are tax deductible, for larger donations (> 200, – €) you can of course get a receipt from us.

How can I personally help?
You can actively participate in both the Cantoalavida Foundation and the Cantoalavida Association (e.V.).

How can I work as a volunteer at Cantoalavida Foundation?
If you would like to support us in our work, please contact us by e-mail ( In this way, we can answer any questions very quickly. Helping hands are always welcome, either for ongoing projects on the site or to look after children and animals. You will surely understand, that we have to check different conditions, which must be fulfilled; also the duration of support hast to be for less 2 weeks.
Also the Association Cantoalavida (e.V.) in Frankfurt would be happy to receive your support or cooperation!

Can I visit the Foundation Cantoalavida?
Of course, you can visit the Foundation Cantoalavida as well as the Association Cantoalavida (e.V.). For better organization, it would be good if you could contact us and inform us in advance.

How many volunteer supporters does the Foundation Cantoalavida have?
The Foundation Cantoalavida has four permanent volunteers.

How many honorary supporters are in the Association Cantoalavida (e.V.)?
The Association Cantoalavida (e.V.) is also constantly supported by just 4 helpers.

What do the members of the foundation live on?
Her family supports the founder, and the other members of the foundation have their own income. The founder lives on the grounds of the foundation because at least one person must always be present in order to act quickly in case of emergencies.