A new partner in life!

All the animals we have, even though we take care of them with all the love we have, need a family, where they can end their life and be really well. In this case, you can help and really adopt one of our dogs and cats.

Adopting is not only about generosity, it is also about offering an animal a new life, and sometimes trying to make them forget some difficult moments they found before. That’s why it’s a very serious choice, where there’s a lot of pleasure but also duties.

We do not offer the perfect cat or dog, but sensitive beings with a past, who need a little time to get used to a new life with humans.

Finally, to adopt is a pact that we sign so that you take care of the animals and give them a lot of happiness. The animal you would adopt will be part of your life for a long time and will always be grateful to you!

Discover the animals that are up for adoption and some of their stories.

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​The protection of animals is not only about giving them a shelter but also about taking care of them during their lives. With a sponsor, you can support our long term projects.​

​Your monthly contribution ensures the health of the cats and dogs, which includes : medical assistance, castrations and food !​

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