A virtual visit at the foundation

​​Here you will find some lifeparts from the rescue center, with pictures of dogs and cats, our principals guests ! You also virtualy can discover the place and the people who give their time to make this possible!

The pictures we show you are from everyone ; volunteers, helpers, Gloria… 

The thing is not to have the most beautiful pictures but to be abble to catch the energy of the animal in order to try to share it with you 🙂 

Anyway, it’s important to know that some pictures reflect the reality of the situation in Colombia. When they arrive, a lot of animals are in a really bad shape and the foundation treat them with much respect and affection.

This galery is like a book that tells you the story of some of them, from the beginning without any hidden parts

All are free, never locked in cages, still there are many points where they can rest. Enjoy it!